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An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV is an aircraft that is controlled automatically by either a computer or a human operator on the ground, originally intended for military use for missions that are deemed too dangerous for human pilots they have become common for hobbyists around the world thanks to the rise in cheap parts and newer models being released often.  UAVs are commonly being used in both national and private security. The USA deploy UAVs regularly to patrol their borders for illegal immigrants and drug trafficking. Major companies like Amazon and DHL have started to look into the possibility of using UAV’s to delivery parcels to customers and have started a trial run within the united states.

Media organizations have also found a great use for unmanned aerial vehicles in covering large news events thanks to the many HD cameras available including the successful GoPRO series. Music festivals are also commonly filmed by the artists record company and footage shared instantly to social media networks to connect with fans immediately.

Security services are also finding useful uses for flying low cost UAV systems. The police force can safely monitor and record large scale protests, fire services can monitor forest and other wild fires safely. Other uses include road patrol, home safety, pipe line monitoring and wild life monitoring.

Movie companies are also finding the use of cheap UAV systems combined with HD video recording equipment extremely useful, instead of hiring an expensive helicopter and pilot to film scenes, a single operator can do the exact same using only a fraction of the cost.

The winter and summer Olympics along with over sporting events are starting to use drones as they are more flexible than rigged cameras and are able to get closer to the action.


In the past these were expensive, clunky and rather fragile pieces of kit that you could barely fly. However recently they have become easy to produce and come packed with neat features that make it easier to control both indoors and outside.

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