CX20 Quadcopter Review

CX20 Auto GPS Quadcopter
CX20 Quadcopter UAV Drone

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the drone flying hobby will be well aware of the fact that quadcopters come in all shapes and sizes. As you may well imagine it is generally the case that the larger you wish to go in the size of your quadcopter, the more you are likely going to have to pay, and although this is true in a broad sense, it does not mean that it is impossible to find a high quality large drone at a very reasonable price. The CX20 is a large quadcopter with a relatively small price tag, but is it any good?

Now, the size of the CX20 puts in in direct competition with the likes of the marvelous DJI Phantom 2, and that is some very heady company indeed. In a straight head to head battle in which price is no consideration, then the Phantom 2 probably wins, but when you bring the price tag into consideration the choice of which machine represents best value is a lot harder to call. Quite simply, for the money that you pay, you will struggle to find a better machine then the CX20.

Quite often when you purchase a “budget” model in almost any tech oriented field you know that you are going to miss out on some features or that the features you do get with the machine will in some way be lacking. This is not the case with the CX20. Indeed, when compared with most of the more expensive drones in it’s category, the CX20 actually comes with more features.

It has an excellent flying range, can easily carry a GoPro camera, and has an excellent GPS system, which enables a very good “return to home” system. The battery life is more than competitive in it’s class, and although it is not the quickest machine it is far from slow.

There are some drawbacks, though these are relatively few. Firstly it is a large drone and thus can be more difficult to handle than smaller drones, though this is true for all drones and is not a massive drawback to most experienced flyers. Landing the craft can also be a problem, and here there is a weakness in comparison with some of it’s immediate rivals as the CX20 is not the most robust machine on the market. In fact if you do make a mess of the landing, it is not entirely unknown for the machine to explode or be damaged beyond repair, and a low price point soon stops being a plus if you need to keep replacing the item due to it incurring irreparable damage.

That said, the “return to home” feature should mitigate this problem by landing the craft automatically, and thus erasing the probability of pilot error. Indeed, the CX20 will also automatically enable the “return to home” feature when the battery gets too low, ensuring that the drone will not just fall out of the sky.

In conclusion, so long as you are careful, and know what you are doing, the CX20 quadcopter offers excellent value for money. It has a full suite of features which kore than stack up when compared against other drones which come with much larger price tags.

The CX 20 In Action!

Whats In The Box?

CX 20 Quadcopter Boxed

CX 20 Quadcopter Boxed

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  • 15 minutes of flight time of a 2 hour charge
  • Altitude and distance range of around 300m
  • Maximum flight speed of 22mph
  • GPS system, allowing the use of a “return to home” feature
  • GoPro attachment possible
  • Ability to hover in place
  • Will automatically return to takeoff site when battery is low


  • Excellent price
  • Relatively easy to control for a large quadcopter
  • Useful “return to home” feature
  • Can easily carry a camera


  • Not the most robust of machines, easily damaged in accidents
  • A little slower than some of it’s competitors

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