Cyclone Quadcopter Review

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It is often said that quadcopters come in all shapes and sizes and although that is undoubtedly true, for the most part people take it to mean that they come in both small and large models. What is often overlooked however, isthe fact that there are also many mid-sized machines available for purcahse and one of those machines is the Cyclone Quadcopter.

Made by WL Toys, it would be a mistake to view the Cyclone quadcopter as a mere plaything. There is some serious advanced level flying to be had from this drone if you choose to do so. In fact, it is one of the best machines out there for those who wish to test their limits and simultaneously improve their drone flying capabilities.

The Cyclone is universally recognized as being a great drone for beginners. Being mid-sized it is not too difficult to control, like many large drones can be, whilst also feeling a lot more substantial and serious than many of the smaller, more typical learning drones that are available. Furthermore, the Cyclone has an advanced level flying mode too, meaning that when you have mastered the basics, there is still a lot to do with this craft, if you so choose.

Another feather in the cap of the Cyclone, due to it’s size is the ability to carry a camera. A drone any smaller than this one would find it almost impossible to fly with a GoPro or Mobius attached, by the Cyclone can take that strain and still fly to a reasonably maneuverable level. For sure there are restrictions to the qaulity level of the images captured in choosing to do so, video is usually less than stellar due to the vibration permeating it’s way through the relatively small craft in flight, but pictures tend to be far less negatively affected by this and so adding a camera does have it’s rewards for those who wish to do so.


In terms of price, it has to be said that the Cyclone is very competitive. It may be possible to find certain larger drones for less money, but few of those will match up to the Cyclone’s abilities when compared directly. There are better machines on the market, but not many and for someone of a beginner to mid level, the Cyclone may be exactly what they are looking for.

The build quality is pretty high, meaning that beginners can try out some particularly adventurous flying with comparatively little risk to the craft, though obviously some intelligence should be applied to the flying of the drone as nothing is entirely indestructible.

Another potential boon for drone flying beginners is the fact that the drone comes ready assembled meaning you can pretty much take it straight from the box and into the skies, although this obviously limits your ability to modify the drone once you get a handle on the basics.

In conclusion, the Cyclone is a good drone for beginners which will also stand the same people in good stead once they master the basics too. It is relatively cheap, and robust too and can also carry a camera, although to varying degrees of effectiveness depending exactly on what you wish to use the camera for.

WLtoys Cyclone Quadcopter

WLtoys Cyclone Quadcopter

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  • Average flight duration of around 10 minutes on a 90 minute recharge
  • Flying range of 150m
  • Requires 6 AA batteries
  • Has both a ‘Beginner mode’ and an advanced ‘Trick Mode’
  • It is a 4 channel 6 axis gyro quadcopter


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Good machine for learning the basics of flight
  • Trick mode extends the lifespan of the craft for those who rise above a beginner level
  • Extremely robust and difficult to damage
  • Can accommodate a camera


  • Can be difficult to carry around
  • Camera is not the best at recording video footage due to vibration


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