Eachine H8 Quadcopter Review

The Eachine H8 Nano Quadcopter is one heck of a tiny quadcopter that is not for kids – yes this quadcopter is not for kids. By the looks, you’d feel as if it is a tiny toy for 4 or 5 years but actually it is not. I know a lot of people who have learn flying quadcopters with this device. Today most of them are expert flyers.

Despite its tiny size, the features that it brings with it are simply awesome.


The Eachine H8 is a nano quadcopter that is extremely small in size. It is 11x11x2.8 CM. This shows how small this quadcopter is. With such a small size, you must be wondering, what it can do?

6 Axis Gyro

Well it can do 360 degree rolling and can fly indoor as well as outdoor with stable flight. Its 6 axis gyro makes flight fairly stable indoor. While flying it inside your home where air pressure is minimal, you will always have full control on it. But when you are flying it outdoor, you might experience some issues in terms of control on the device and its flight.

It has an approximate range of 30 meters which is not very impressive. This is the reason that you should avoid flying it outdoor because if you will lose control on it, you will lose it forever.

Home Feature

Eachine H8 micro quadcopter has return home features. With a press of a button, it will automatically land to its home position but in order to make it work, the drone must be in range. If it is out of range, pressing home button will not going to make much of a difference.

Flying Modes

It has two flying modes. At normal mode, you can fly it normally while headless mode, quadcopter has no head and it gets easy to fly. This headless mode is specifically for beginners who are flying it for the first time. If you are new, it is recommended to use headless mode for safe flying.

4 Channels

It is a 4 channel quadcopter which can go forward, backward, ascend, descend, right and left. Not to forget that it can perform 360 degree flips as well.

Battery and Range

The Eachine H8 quadcopter has a charging time of up to 45 minutes. It can fly for 5 minutes with a single charge which is not bad at all for a quadcopter of this size. Primarily, it is an indoor quadcopter but it is OK if you fly it outdoor. When flying it outdoor, make sure that your quadcopter is always in range.


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