GPToys Space Trek Nano Quadcopter Review

We have just had a blast flying the GPtoys Space Trek Nano quadcopter around our office the last few days. If you are looking to get into this hobby but dont want to burn a hole in your wallet then read our review below, we are sure you wont be disappointed!

Being a beginner, you will crash your quadcopter, its inevitable, it’s all part of the learning process. It is not easy to fly even the easiest drones. After you have crashed a quad parts can break all too easily. Imagine, you crashed a couple drones in a week that cost you well over $200 it could be the end of your hobby before you have even got started.

This is why you should try buying cheap drones like the new GPToys Space Trek nano. It is priced under $25 and is one of the best quadcopters we have flown for the price, even our receptionist who has never flown in her life had a blast after just 5 minutes of picking up the controller!

Size wise, this little drone is tiny, Nano to be precise, it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Its frame is not so durable but the quadcopter itself is very durable and strongly built. It will survive the inevitable crashes thanks to its flexible frame.

The transmitter is easy-to-use so as its control system. There are not hard and fast rules. It is a 6 axis gyro quad that can do some serious stunts and flips in the air. It has two flying modes. Choose the flying mode that is right for you depending on the speed of the quadcopter.

One of the interesting things about GPToys Space Trek nano quadcopter is the Spectrum Technology. Its responsible for reducing interference which lets you control the quad easily. It also enhances the range of transmitter while keeping the power consumption at lowest possible level. The best thing about Spectrum Technology is that it can let you fly multiple GPToys Space Trek nano quadcopters at the same time from the same location. We had the experience of this inside our local office with four Space Treks flying at once and had a great evening.



  • It is a very cheap quadcopter making it one of the best quads for newbies. You can crash it without hurting your pocket too much.
  • It has all the features that you need in a beginner level quadcopter for instance 6 axis gyro, 2.4 GHz transmitter, Spectrum Technology, LED lights, multiple flying modes and others.
  • It is a durable and strong quadcopter that can resist jerks and crashes easily. You will not have to worry a lot even if it crashes.


  • You cannot fly it outdoor due to its small size and lightweight.
  • It doesn’t come with a camera.

Our Verdict
The GPToys Space Trek nano quadcopter has every feature that you would ever need as a beginner. Yes, I know it doesn’t have a camera but you really do not want a camera in your first quadcopter. Everything else that it has is more than enough for a newbie.

Priced at only $25 and being extremely well-designed its hard to fault this little drone.

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