Mariner 2 Quadcopter Review

Looking for a fully waterproof quadcopter? The Mariner 2 quadcopter as the name suggests is the perfect drone for aerial photography over rivers, oceans and lakes. The problem with other quads is that you cannot take pictures and videos over water since if your quad crashes in the water or the battery fails, it may sink and never be found and if found cannot be repaired due to water damage.

If you are planning to use your quadcopter near water for aerial photography, don’t take chances – use a Mariner 2 quadcopter.

Let’s find out more about the FPV Factory’s Mariner 2 quadcopter.


As mentioned before its main feature is it’s a full water proof quadcopter that you can use in water or off water just as well.  The motors, propellers, LED lights, battery, power supply and everything else is completely waterproof. Once you have a Mariner 2 quadcopter, you are fully covered.

 The Splash Drone Mariner II

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Features and Specifications

  • It is a durable and watertight quadcopter with very sturdy design.
  • It has Naza-M Lite flight control system along with GPS.
  • It has four powerful motors.
  • The entire frame of the quadcopter is thermos plastic made.
  • Up to 15 minutes of flight time.
  • It has the ability to take off from water and it can also land on water.
  • Not only that it can be used to make videos over water but it can also be used for underwater videography.
  • Up to 1 KM flight range.

With all these features, you can use it like a traditional quad in your home or park. It flies smoothly and has a very stable flight. When you are ready for action over the water, you can take your Mariner 2 quadcopter with you. It can take a GoPro camera easily with it and this is why it is the best choice of people who love taking pictures over water.

It is not just about photography or videography. The Mariner 2 quadcopter is a very well built machine and handles great in the air. Even if you don’t intend to take pictures over the water or if you are not interested in underwater videography, it is still a great drone for use in all types of seasons – including heavy rain!


  • It is a ready to fly quad.
  • It is perfect for land as well as water.
  • The design, frame, body, electronics and parts of the quadcopter are all finely made.


  • It is a little expensive. This is maybe due to its strong interior and exterior.



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