Ominus Quadcopter Review

Ominus by Dromida is a quadcopter under $100 price range and it is pretty much famous among users as well as retailers.

When it comes to choosing a mini quadcopter under $100, things get a bit tough because there are so many flying machines available in the market to choose from. But sticking to Ominus quadcopter as your first flying quad is definitely a great choice.

I personally call it the quadcopter for first-time flyers or learners who have never flown a quad before.


Simply because it is one of the most durable indoor quadcopters. You can though fly it outdoors as well but beware of wind as you will lose control over your quad.

Let’s find out more about it in Ominus quadcopter review.


Ominus is a ready to fly (RTF) quadcopter that is finely designed and is purely made out from plastic. It is a bit large quad (9.4 inches) therefore it is not very safe for indoor flying especially when it has no propeller guards.

But it is not an issue if you have enough indoor space for risk-free flying. It is equally great for outdoor flying. It has 2.4 GHz transmitter thus range is not an issue. With an average flight time of over 10 minutes, it can stay in air for enough time to entertain you.

The control system is exceptionally easy. It has two flying modes; throttle and left/right so it is a perfect flying machine for those who are looking for their very first quadcopter.


  • A ready-to-fly quadcopter that is one of the best machines for first time flyers.
  • It has 2 channel 2.4 GHz transmitter that makes controlling easy and simple. When flying outdoors, range is never an issue unless it is windy.
  • It has LED lights for better view.
  • It has two flying modes.
  • Flight time of around 10 minutes.
  • It is a very strong and durable quad that is entirely made from plastic.
  • Both for indoor and outdoor flying.


  • It is an inexpensive entry-level quadcopter that is best for those who want to learn flying and controlling quadcopters.
  • It is a very strongly-made quadcopter. It is impossible to break – this is what the manufacturer says about it. Yes, it is almost unbreakable so you can give it quite a tough time.
  • Since the idea is to help newbies learn how to fly a quadcopter therefore it has an exceptionally easy-to-use control system.
  • It is equally good for indoor and outdoor flying. Though most of the experts say that it should only be used outdoors because of its large size but it is OK to use indoors as long as you have full control on the device.
  • Inexpensive and affordable.


  • No propeller guards.
  • It has a built-in landing issue but once you get used to it, it all gets fine.


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