Phantom Quadcopter Review

When we talk of GPS equipped quadcopters or drones, there are only a few that will grab your attention and surely DJI Phantom is one among them.

Phantom quadcopter is a range of high-end professional GPS drones that can carry a GoPro with them for aerial photography. The manufacturer, DJI, has done exceptionally well in creating something of such a high value for people at large. Not only do hobbyists love using Phantom but those who are non-professional and haven’t been into this hobby are getting addicted to this drone – just because they get the chance to use their GoPro in a much better way.

To find out more about the quadcopter, its features, pros and cons, keep reading Phantom quadcopter review.


Opening the Box

Phantom quadcopter is a ready-to-fly drone. It comes pre-tuned straight from the factory. Though there is a bit of assembly and installation needed at your end but that’s too simple. You have to attach the propellers and the landing gear. If you don’t know how to do it, you can refer to the manual or watch tutorials on YouTube.

First Flight

Once you have charged it and have connected your GoPro, Phantom quadcopter is all set for its first flight.

Flying it is easy because it has GPS that lets you turn autopilot on for instance you can use fail-safe function that will let your drone take off and land automatically. Its Naza-M autopilot system makes flying even better.

The camera is fully controllable and the video it makes is just awesome.


It is a very tough and strong quadcopter. If you are not using fail-safe function chances are you might get it crashed if you are not an expert. Fail-safe feature lets your drone land safely if it gets out of range.


  • Ready to fly quadcopter. It needs minimum installation and user work.
  • One of the best and the most famous drones in the market for GoPro. You can create stunning videos and take marvelous pictures with camera.
  • Its GPS makes flying easy. I have personally seen first-time flyers flying a Phantom quadcopter without any issues.
  • Maximum speed of 22 miles/hour.
  • It is equipped with Naza-M system that lets you configure it via your computer or laptop.
  • It has Intelligent Orientation Control that lets you do all the flips and turns without disturbing camera view. It remembers its home position and can land automatically.


  • Phantom quadcopter is really a drone for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or an experienced flyer, you can always get hooked to it.
  • Taking those killer professional photos is now possible with it.
  • Ready to fly quad that comes out of the box as a completely assembled machine.
  • It has all the features that make it easy-to-fly and a perfect device for aerial videography.


  • It is expensive especially when you have to add a GoPro to it because GoPro itself isn’t cheap.


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