Quantum Nova Quadcopter Review

Quantum Nova by Hobby King is a rebranded version of the CX-20 drone but it is much better in several aspects.

CX-20 is, no doubt, a fantastic drone that is a direct competitor of DJI Phantom. Since HK has now rebranded it with the name of Quantum Nova therefore it would be still in direct competition with DJI Phantom.


Quantum Nova is a GPS enabled drone with exceptionally stable flight. It comes with Q-2D with FPV view on the LCD. But Q-2D is not included in the package instead it has to be purchased separately.

The flight is smooth, stable and is powered by multiple GPS functions like return to home and direction lock with advance turning options. Due to its stable and smooth flight, camera output is simply great. Pictures are clear and fine while there is no vibration to be felt in videos.

It has a replaceable control system. This lets you connect and use your favorite control system with Quantum Nova quadcopter. This is really a decent feature that is sure to help a lot of flyers especially those advance users that love using their personal transmitter with all the quads and drones. This really helps you master all the flying modes in no time.

Quantum Nova is made from plastic. It is a strong and durable drone. It has LED lights installed on its lower body that aid in flying. Despite so many advance features, GPS waypoint and multiple flying modes, Quantum Nova is still one of the best choices for new flyers.

We recommend that you try a micro quadcopter to learn at least the basics of flying before moving onto to Quantum Nova. Overall, it is a very easy-to-fly quadcopter with easy control system.

Features and Specs

  • GPS waypoint quadcopter that makes it such a nice flying machine with features like return home, waypoint missing flying, advance turning, altitude hold and others.
  • It is an FPV quadcopter that is compatible with Q-2D brushless GoPro. The camera fits in easily for smooth videography and photography. Gimbal can tilt and roll giving you full control on camera.
  • You can connect your Quantum Nova quadcopter to your PC for easy transfer of photos and videos.
  • It is a perfect RTF quad. All you have to do is install the propellers and landing gear, everything else is already assembled.
  • It has multiple flying modes that make it a decent choice for beginners as well as professional flyers.
  • You can connect your own transmitter with Quantum Nova drone for better and easy flying.
  • It has flight time of around 15 minutes which is just awesome for such a huge drone.


  • It is a very affordable quadcopter.
  • It has all the features that you will find in any high-end quadcopter like DJI Phantom.
  • Best for beginners and a smart choice for experts.
  • Ready to fly quadcopter that doesn’t need a lot of input from user end.


  • The only issue with Quantum Nova quadcopter is that it is a bit heavy around 1 KG.

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