RC Quadcopter Review

It really doesn’t matter what you do and what budget you have, if you need an RC quadcopter, you can get one. There are RC quadcopters that are available in as low as $25 and there are others that are priced as high as $1000. Based on your budget, you can always get something of your interest.

But what’s more critical than the price of the RC quadcopter is its features and qualities. Of course if you are a beginner and still learning to deal with a quad in air, you must be new to all those features of professional quadcopters.

Below you will find a list of best RC quadcopters that you can choose from based on your interest, budget and features that you want to see in it.

RC Quadcopter Review

Here is a tiny review of RC quadcopters.

The Syma X5C Quadcocopter

Are you looking for an entry level RC quadcopter? Syma X5C happens to be a decent choice.

It comes with 6 axis gyroscope that allows you to do twists and flips even at high speeds. It is a best device for indoor as well as outdoor use. It also has a built-in camera but its resolution is a bit low. With all these features, it is just under $80. Surprised, you should be because it is really a killer drone.

Syma X5C is a great choice for beginners and kids. It is a toy RC quadcopter so you cannot expect a lot from it. If you are interested in buying it, make sure to grab an extra battery as its flight time is under 10 minutes.

Holy Stone UFO

I am sure you haven’t heard about this one. It is another great, one of my favorites, RC quadcopter that is an entry level drone priced under $100.

It is a large sized quad that has 6 axis gyro therefore controlling it is not an issue in fact it is great at maneuvering. It also has a built-in camera but don’t expect too much from it. It has a very stable flight and it is great for learning flips, twists and doing all the maneuvering.

It is recommended to grab Holy Stone UFO once you have learned all the basics.

DJI Phantom 3

We are talking about RC quadcopters so how can we ignore DJI?

After massive success of DJI Phantom 1, 2, Vision and Vision +, they have now launched DJI Phantom 3 with even better features and a better camera.

It is a professional level drone which is priced under $1300. You can choose to have camera, gimbal or other stuff. Of course removing add-ons decrease the price of the quad.

Once you are familiar with different flying modes and have developed your skills, you can then move onto professional quads like DJI Phantom 3. Though it is an expensive RC quadcopter but what it brings with it cannot be found in any other drone.


When choosing RC quadcopters, you need to move in steps. Start from the entry level quadcopters, then move to amateur level and finally go for those professional level RC quadcopters. This is the best way to go for quadcopters without hurting your pocket or yourself.

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