Seresroad Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter Review

Looking for a quadcopter that can fit in your pocket? When it comes to nano quadcopters, we have a lot of options to choose from. Seresroad CX-10 Nano quadcopter is one among them. It is 1.65 x 1.65 x 0.79 inches. It is made from ABS plastic and is fairly durable.

Here is an in-depth review of Seresroad CX-10.


It is a simple, strong and durable quadcopter. Of course it is best for newbies. It is modeled on the Husban H111 which is currently the worlds smallest quadcopter available. It is best for indoor use but I have seen people flying it outdoors during good weather with no problems, It has a range of 40 meters.

It has a stable flight, thanks to the 6 axis gyro system. Though you won’t be able to find this stability in wind but as long as the altitude is low and wind pressure is low, you will not find any major issues with control. If you are flying it in doors only then you will have no trouble maneuvering around your home or in our case office.

It is equipped with LED lights making it easier to work out the direction when flying fast and in low light. It is a perfect quadcopter for beginners. Thanks to its low cost, small size and easy to use controls, we can highly recommend it.

The only major downside is there is no warning if it goes out of the range (40m) so if you are pushing it outdoors keep and eye on the surrounding so you can easily pick it up.

The battery can be fully charged in 40 minutes. It gives you a flight time of under 10 minutes, we recommend picking up some extra quadcopter batteries so you can keep flying longer.

Right now the Seresroad / Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter is priced less than $15! It’s literally the cheapest quadcopter on the market so we recommend picking one up, it can make a great gift for a friend or family member.

Flying Instructions

You must try to fly it indoor. Outdoor is not a good option. If, however, you are desperate to take it outdoor, keep following things in mind.

  • There shouldn’t be any wind. Even a slight breeze can drag your quadcopter away from you.
  • Don’t fly it over rooftops as wind pressure increases significantly as you go up.
  • Keep your drone close to its remote control so that it doesn’t go out of the range.


  • Seresroad CX-10 Nano quadcopter is exceptionally a small sized drone. You can carry it easily anywhere you want – not a problem.
  • Best for newbies and for those who have no idea how to fly a quadcopter.
  • It is great for annoying work friends during office breaks (sorry dave).
  • Control system is extremely easy.
  • Extremely cheap.


  • Due to its sheer size and lightweight, you might lose control on it if you are flying it outdoor.

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