Syma Quadcopter Review

Syma is a Chinese based toy manufacturing company that has done exceptionally well with mini quadcopters and RC helicopters. They have some of the best-selling entry level quadcopters like Syma X5C, Syma X5 and the Syma X1.

In today’s article, we will review some of the best and top-selling quadcopters by Syma. So let’s get straight to the review.


Despite having a huge list of different models, we have selected to review following two models.

  • Syma Quadcopter – X1
  • Syma Quadcopter – X5

These are the two best entry level quads by Syma best for beginners, kids and starters.

Syma Quadcopter X1

The Syma X1 has a lot of features that you will not find in other quadcopters, not even in other low-priced model quads by Syma. It is one of the cheapest quads that is priced under $40.

Some of the features include:

  • 4 GHz LCD transmitter with a range of more than 40 meters. Its high frequency keeps the communication interruption-free.
  • X1 can perform 3D flips, twists and rolls with a single button. Now this is not a kind of feature that you’d normally see in those entry level, low price drones. So Syma X1 does a good job of providing beginners with such advance flying options.
  • It can fly in three different directions giving you more control and a better learning curve.
  • You can fly it outdoors too as long as weather is clear. It has a fairly stable flight and thus can easily maneuver outdoors.

Despite all these benefits and features, Syma X1 is not good at flight time which is under 6 minutes. This is mainly due to the fact that it consumes a lot of battery when you do those 3D flips.

Syma Quadcopter X5

Syma X5 and Syma X5C are similar quadcopters with only difference of a camera. X5C is the model that comes with a built-in camera while X5 is an older version that do not have a camera.

Syma X5 can, just like X1, do 360 degree flips and rolls. There is a special button on the controller for 360 degree flight. The good news is, if you are using Syma X5, you can upgrade it and add a camera to it. It has the potential to carry up to 2 ounces of load with extreme ease.

At under $40, if you are getting a quadcopter that can carry a tiny camera with it, what else you want? I mean come on, it is just about $40, what else you can expect from a quadcopter at such a low price?


  • It is a 4 channel quadcopter.
  • It has better flight time than X1 as it can stay for 7 minutes (in some cases more than 7 minutes) in air.
  • Doing 360 twists, flips and rolls with Syma X5 is as easy as anything.
  • It uses Spread Spectrum Technology that enhances the range of remote control.
  • Control system is really cool and easy.

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