Syma X6 Quadcopter Review

Syma has been doing exceptionally well with drones and quadcopters especially for beginners and amateurs. Its X6 quadcopter is priced just under $80 but it is in no way an entry level drone. Instead it is a giant flying machine that comes with superb features.

More on this giant in our Syma X6 quadcopter review.


According to experts, this is the largest quadcopter in the market excluding those self-made quads developed from kits. It is 56 cm wide which makes it one of the largest quadcopters officially among all others.

It comes with two modes that let you control different channels. It’s a 4 channel quadcopter with a 3-axis gyro which is more than enough for a quadcopter in this price range.

As I mentioned in the start of the review that Syma X6 Quadcopter is not for beginners and here is why.

It has a 3D flying mode which enables you to have 360 degree control. Now this makes it not easy for beginners to control but for intermediate drone users, this giant quad may be ideal.


  • Largest quadcopter on market. It is 56 cm wide while the second largest drone is 55 cm wide.
  • It has 2.4 GHz transmitter, 4 channels and has 3-axis gyro.
  • It has 2 different flying modes on transmitter.
  • It can perform 360 degree flips and turns.
  • In-built gyro system makes flight very smooth and stable.
  • It has 3D flight which means it can move around in8 different directions in air.


  • The Syma X6 Quadcopter is the largest you come across.
  • Extremely affordable..
  • It has a bit different design than those traditional quadcopters. This is due to its large size. The design and shape helps making flights better and stable.
  • It has all the latest features that you want to see in your quadcopter.


  • Flight time is under 8 minutes which is not as high as you’d expect.
  • Due to its large size, it is heavy, well over 5 pounds.



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