V222 Quadcopter Review

We take a look at another WL Toys quadcopter. This time its the V222.

The V222 quadcopter is a reliable and strong drone from WL Toys. It’s an entry level drone that comes with a camera but it is a tad over priced compared to other entry level quadcopters that we have reviewed. It’s available at around $100 on Amazon. The price and feature comparison makes it really a good deal.


Like we said earlier, the V222 Quadcopter is a bit high priced for entry level flyers. If this is your first drone then we would recommend flying it indoors only until you pick up the basics. Crashing $100 is not fun, and even if parts can be purchased online there are cheaper drones out there to practice with.

Once you get a hold of things, you can then move on to V222 as your second entry level quadcopter. So for me, it is not for absolute beginners instead it is for those who have previously tried at least one drone.

Just like other entry level quads, it has 6 axis system, 4 channel control, 2.4 GHz transmitter, a camera and 360 degree aversion. The quality of V222 Quadcopter hardware components and their functionality is better than those inexpensive drones.

If you plan on flying your drone with friends then you will be pleased to find out that the V222 quadcopter will function perfectly fine without interrupting the transmission of other quadcopters. Also, if you turn off the transmitter while your quadcopter is in air.


  • Remote control has range of over 100 meters which is just awesome.
  • It charges itself under 50 minutes and has a flight time of over 10 minutes. You can increase flight duration if you do not engage it in 360 flips and maneuvers.
  • It has 4 channels.
  • A ready to fly quadcopter.
  • Comes with a built-in camera for recording and taking pictures from air.
  • It can do 360 degree maneuvers in air.
  • Equipped with LED lights.
  • Transmitter can be changed easily.


  • It is a powerful and strong quadcopter.
  • It is an RTF quad that makes it a perfect choice for beginners and kids.
  • It has all those features that you want to see in any quadcopter. Now the fact of the matter is that all these features are fairly upgraded and are better than its counterparts.
  • It has a camera that can double your flying experience.
  • It charges in 50 minutes which is great because most of the other quadcopters take up to 2 hours for a full charge.
  • It has massive range (over 100 meters).


  • It is a relatively expensive quadcopter.


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