V262 Quadcopter Review

We sure had fun with this beauty in the office!

WLToys are an extremely popular toy manufacturing company. They has a fairly decent range of mini and micro quadcopters. Today we will be taking a look at the V262 quadcopter by WLToys which has been pegged as a great entry level drone.

It is a quadcopter that’s priced under $65 and it is packed with some really outstanding features that are sure to blow you away.

When I was first reading the features of V262 quadcopter and its reviews, I was simply blown away. WL Toys has done a great job of keeping the price low and providing its customers with features that worth more than $80.

I have finally tried V262 quadcopter and I am very happy with it rather I am delighted. Here is my full V262 quadcopter review.


Let’s get to the best feature of the V262 quadcopter which is its ability to carry load with it. You can mount a camera onto your device and can do some top-notch aerial filming. Now at such a sheer price, if you get a quadcopter that comes with an ability to carry your camera, you must be more than willing to spend money on it.

Another noticeable feature of V262 is its range. The company advertises that it has a range of 100 to 150 meters but as per my experience and as I have talk to other guys, it works smoothly beyond 150 meters. You can lose sight of the quadcopter but you cannot lose control on it.


  • An RTF quadcopter.
  • It has replaceable motors in fact you can replace most of its parts with extreme ease and comfort.
  • It has 2.4 GHz transmitter that is powered by 6 batteries. I have to say that this transmitter works like a charm. You will definitely going to love its range.
  • It can carry a large camera with it like Mobius Action. The results are awesome because of its vibration-less flight.
  • It can perform 360 flips on autopilot without you losing control on the machine.
  • It has a fairly stable flight.
  • Due to its enhanced stability, controlling it is extremely easy.


  • At this price range, getting a quadcopter that can easily carry up to 100 grams of weight (tested) is really a cool thing. This makes it a great drone.
  • The range of V262 quadcopter is a huge plus. You can expect range well over 150 meters.
  • It is a strong drone that will not going to crack or break easily.
  • If you somehow damage it, you can replace its parts.
  • Very affordable.


  • The motors are not as powerful as they should be. If motors don’t work after a few months, replace them because they aren’t very durable.



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