X525 Quadcopter Review

There comes a time in your life when you want to move to a higher level quadcopter and take your skills to the next best level. This is, of course, done after you have gained enough experience with entry level quadcopters.

When moving to a high level quadcopter, you have two options to choose from:

  1. You can put your old quads in the storage or go purchase a new advanced level quadcopter.
  2. You can go out, purchase a kit and create your own quadcopter from scratch based on your own needs.

Most of the experts suggest that you should go for second option.

When you purchase a kit and upgrade your quadcopter, you learn all about quadcopters, assembling them, repairing and everything else. At the same time, you can stick to your old transmitter that you are used to. Lastly, you have the option to add as many options and features as possible.

Sounds interesting, right? Not really.

Here is the hard part, creating your own quadcopter from a kit is not easy. It will take you days or weeks and in some cases months to develop something that you love. But the good news is, the resulting drone is simply outstanding.

If you are ready to take the challenge, keep reading for X525 quadcopter review.


X525 is a kit that’s created by HobbyKing. You can use it to upgrade your Hubsan X4 quadcopter. I used the X525 quadcopter kit to transform my Hubsan X4 into a giant.

Before we move ahead, let’s have a look at what’s included in X525 kit:

  • The frame
  • KK Multicopter V5.5
  • KV1000 brushless motor with propeller adapter
  • 1045 propellers
  • Brushless ESC
  • Heat sink
  • Bullet plug
  • Protection cover

Now I am sure most of these parts are simply new to you but if you jumped into it, you have to learn all about them.

Besides kit, you need other items too like:

  • Transmitter
  • Connectors
  • Battery and charger
  • Extra propellers
  • Other accessories as per need

Why X525 Quadcopter

So what is so special about X525? Why you have to choose it and not any other kit from the market?

There are two great features that X525 quadcopter brings with it.

First, it is relatively inexpensive or I should say very cheap. As compared to other kits available in the market, this is one of the best kits with most positive reviews and is very cheap.

Second, the X525 quadcopter kit can create a massive quadcopter for you. Yes, the resulting quadcopter will be a really huge one and at the same time, it will be one powerful flying machine. If you happen to purchase similar quadcopter with same properties from market, it won’t cost you any less than $500.


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